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The Book Thief Book Club Discussion Questions

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak is available as one of the Gold Coast Libraries’ Book Club kits. **Please be aware that book discussion questions may contain spoilers** Synopsis: Set in Germany as Hitler and Nazi power change the landscape and cultural identity of millions. The reader is introduced to Liesel Meminger by he most unlikely of narrators. He […]

Paris Architect

The Paris Architect is set in the City of Lights during the bleak World War II period when Paris becomes the City of Darkness. Nazi-occupied France forces Parisians to choose allegiance for the sole purpose of survival. Lucien is an egotistical architect and not a very likeable one at that. When we first meet him at the […]

The Virgin & the gypsy

D.H. Lawrence was one of the most important English novelists of the first quarter of the twentieth century. He is known particularly for his novels and short stories dealing with sex, relationships and the psychological and physical aspects. He was one of the earliest of the modern English novelists to employ the principles of psychoanalysis […]

East of Eden

Set in 1917 East of Eden by John Steinbeck, traces the lives of two families, the Hamiltons and the Trasks, between the World Wars. Samuel Hamilton came from the north of Ireland to the Salinas Valley, California to build a life for himself. He marries Liza and they have a family of nine children. The […]

John Steinbeck’s Pearl

When Kino, a humble fisherman finds a great pearl, he becomes the envy of the town. In the shining surface of the magnificent pearl, Kino imagines great prospects. He and his wife will be married in a church, their son Coyotito will go to school and learn to read and write and he will be […]

Of Mice and Men

John Steinbeck’s classic novel Of Mice and Men, written in 1937 is typical of his style, writing about labourers and ordinary people struggling for their livelihood. Of Mice and Men is the story of two itinerant farm labourers, an unlikely pair, who form a strong aliegance and share a desire for a small farm of their […]

The Old man and the sea

The Old Man and the Sea vintage classic and Pulitzer Prize winner, written by Ernest Hemingway is shorter than a conventional novel and is written in simple language. This lends to it being easy and enjoyable to read. The Old Man and the Sea is a unique story of man’s conquest against the elements in which […]

Aquabumps: a day at Bondi

Aquabumps: a day at Bondi a collection of photographs by Eugene Tan This photographic extravaganza of Bondi Beach and environs has been captured by a photographer who loves to surf or a surfer who loves to take photos (either way you want to look at it!) From sunrise to sunset and every moment in-between is snapped […]

Secret life of the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is a renown travel destination for sun, surf and sand. The Gold Coast attracts flocks of tourists annually wanting to soak up the sun, lap up the lattes, shop til they drop and party til the sun comes up on a brand new day. When this book crossed my radar, it peaked my interest.  The […]


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