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What makes life worth living?

This is the sub-title of Hugh Mackay’s latest title The Good Life and is a good indication of what the book is about.  When we say we are living the good life we usually mean we have, money, time and the freedom to do as we please, but when we say someone led a “good life” […]

104 in 52 update

Books I have read this month that I can put towards my total… The Mystery of Mercy Close  by Marian Keyes. I listened to this on an MP3 and thoroughly enjoyed this meandering mystery through the slightly manic mind of Marian Keyes voiced perfectly by Caroline Lennon.  I enjoyed “the mystery” and I was also entertained by the intertwined […]

104 in 52 … or, as I didn’t play last year, 52 in 52 seems more attainable.

Some reviews of everything I have picked up this January We Are Water – Wally Lamb   I always enjoy Wally Lamb’s novels and I have no idea why.  Nothing outstanding happens, the people are all fairly normal, and the setting is usually middle America.  Perhaps its the way Lamb gets inside his characters heads – […]

Amy Tan and The Valley of Amazement

I have loved every one of Amy Tan’s books from her very first book The Joy Luck Club which was published in 1987 and made into a film in 1993.  When I saw the gorgeous new cover of her latest book I swooped on it.  I think the cover should win a prize in itself […]

If you have $5,000 that’s 100 days….

How to travel the world on $50 a day by Matt Kepnes Reviewed by Emily Learn handy tips and secrets to make the most of your travels while sticking to a budget. Author, Matt Kepnes, has dedicated his life to travelling the world and sharing his experiences on his popular travel blog, This useful […]

Flamenco, Barcelona, 1970’s Paris, and a mysterious past…

Golden Earrings – Belinda Alexandra It is the 1970’s and Paloma lives in Paris with her Spanish Grandmother – both women’s lives revolve around dance.  Paloma is waiting to audition for the famous Paris Opera Ballet, and her grandmother is a dance teacher.  Paloma begins taking flamenco lessons from a passionate spanish women who escaped […]

doctor sleep November 19

“Doctor Sleep” may be keeping you awake at night!

Reviewed by Julie W  The long awaited sequel to The Shining.  The seventies were good in so many ways and The Shining made a huge impact on horror readers, it was a book that couldn’t be put down, no matter how terrifying the scene being read.  When it was followed by the film starring Jack […]

Traces of Absence Susan Holoubek

This debut novel from Australian author Susan Holoubek identified a common fear for parents of young people travelling in foreign lands.  What do you do if your child disappears?  You don’t know how the local law works, you don’t speak the language and you have no idea where they were last seen.  The mother in this […]

HHhH – what does it mean?

The title of this novel is from a popular German saying of World War Two “Himmler’s brain is called Heydrich” and is based around the heroic and suicidal assassination of the main architect of “The Final Solution” and Himmler’s right hand man.  At first Binet’s combination of fiction and authorial intervention in HHhH is a bit […]


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