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page to screen image compressed July 23

Puzzle over these book to movie images

Do you love seeing movies based on your favourite books? Or do casting ‘disasters’ drive you wild? Get ready for our next Readers’ Season – Page to screen – celebrating the books that have been adapted for film and television, with this puzzle of 42 images. Can you recognise them all?

donkey small June 12

104 in 2014: 7. well, it makes you think

Looking for fiction that makes you think deep and profound thoughts? Read on, for reviews of books I’ve been reading towards this year’s 104 book challenge – some of them are thought provoking, but most of them are … not.

pixabay cat-287022_640 June 04

104 in 2014: 6. it’s not what you do

You know it’s not what you do, but the way that you do it that counts. In other words, it’s not what you read that matters, just that you join in the fun of reading, and telling us about what you’ve read on book coasters. Read on for my reviews of another ten titles towards the 104 for 2014 reading challenge.

tapestry May 26

Make time for Tapestry

Looking for something fabulous to read? Love historical fiction, Jacobites, romance, ley lines, fantasy fiction, Scotland, adventure, the 1970s and Uluru? Well, who doesn’t? Anyway, look no further – I’ve found the perfect book for you.

book heart May 20

Celebrate the classics – now with answers

Find out the answers to our fun alphabet quiz that was all about celebrating classic literature.

marilyn and joyce May 13

Classics I’ve never read

Moby Dick by Herman Melville. Ulysses by James Joyce, (being read by Marilyn Monroe in this iconic image by photographer Eve Arnold in 1954). Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert. A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens. I’ve never read any of them. And unless you’ve got a very compelling reason to fling at me, […]

surf bird May 08

104 in 2014: 5. coincidentally yours

What’s not to like about our reading challenge? Aim for 104 in the year, read whatever you want, and just journal it regularly. The more reading records you read, the more books you find that pique your interest, the more books you read, the closer you get to target! Sweeeeet! Read on for 10 titles…

Celebrate the classics

Austen & Alcott, Bronte & Beckett, Cervantes & Carroll, Dickens & Dumas – it doesn’t matter who your favourite classics author is. Nor do we mind whether you’ve read your preferred classic recently, or just vaguely remember it from high school. For the next four weeks we are revelling in classics here on book coasters […]

classic shakespeare April 22

Celebrate the classics quiz

It’s time to celebrate the classics! And to celebrate properly, we¬† want to challenge your knowledge of classic literature with our fun quiz. Search your mind, your shelves and your preferred search engine for the 26 answers, each of which starts with a letter from A to Z and compete with other avid readers for […]

Read more books April 09

104 in 2014: 4. so I’m a fan

My reading journal for the year continues with another ten books, towards the goal of 104 in 2014. I’m a fan of most of these titles, but my favourite read out of these 10 would have to be Fangirl. Read on for more details:


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