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750px-NY-104.svg October 30

104 in 2014 : October

Checking in early, because the first week of November is going to be epically busy for me.

becoming queen cover2 October 22

Becoming Queen by Kate Williams

This book compares the lives of Princess Charlotte and Princess Victoria, focusing on the period where each needed to fight free of a mosquito cloud of courtiers and relatives

speechies1 October 16

Speech Pathology Australia’s Book of the Year Awards

It’s a great pleasure each year to highlight the work of Speech Pathology Australia, and to bring a wider audience to the books they have highlighted as exceptional.

poetry_of_st_john_of_the_cross_1408_ October 02

104 in 2014 : September

As the year rushes toward its end, I rush to finish the 104 in 2014 challenge!

lonesome_october_forside September 26

The Annual Ritual of A Night in the Lonesome October.

“Those of us who remain will gather atop the hill at midnight. We will bring kindling and we will co-operate in the building of a big fire. It will serve as illumination, and into it will be cast all the bones, herbs, and other ingredients we have been preparing all month to give ourselves an […]

Fun home cover September 18

Fun Home book club discussion questions

Alison Bechdel’s biography, in graphic novel form, contrasts her life with that of her father, Bruce. She considers if her father’s death was a suicide, and if so, was her coming out a causal factor in his death?

104 in 2014: August

So, I was busy finishing Emma Approved and didn’t get much reading done this month. I’m pleased the people behind Emma Approved are branching out from Austen. Their new series, Frankenstein MD, could be great, provided they are willing to go to dark places. 78-79: Hawkeye : My Life as a Weapon and Hawkeye: Little […]

Beowulf and the dragon image August 21

Beowulf book club discussion questions

An epic poem wherein the eponymous hero fights three battles against monsters, rising in stature then falling, through his personal prowess. Beowulf was written, perhaps, in the Eighth Century and is one of the taproots of modern fantasy literature

Nerdsign4 August 12

John Green: Early Works

The earlier works in John Green’s back catalog are interesting, and well-written, but I wouldn’t advise reading them all together, as I did.  The Fault in our Stars and Paper Towns impressed me as books which, although written for teen audiences, had messages which would satisfy adult readers. His earlier works have similar strengths, but […]

index.aspx August 06

104 in 2014 : If I were in America, July would be Ice Cream Month

Instead, it has been the coldest winter for seven years, which is a great excuse to read graphic novels in the bath.


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