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104b March 29

104 in 2014: The March of War

This month I’ve been binge-watching John Green play FIFA 2011, FIFA 13 and FIFA 14, while he discusses life and the writing process. I’ve also been binge-watching Thug Notes. This has prevented me getting a lot of audiobook listening in. Still, here are my reads for March. You’ll note they look a lot like the reading […]

King in Yellow March 25

The King in Yellow – book club discussion questions

Tapping into the rootstock of modern horror? You’ve made an excellent, if slightly unhinged, choice.

Folder and pen March 21

Local authors: brace yourself for an online event of epic scale and awesomeness

A Uni in the UK is doing a free course on how to write fiction, and we are going to help you finish it.

Book club discussion questions for Oedipus Rex

Is your reading group hankering after a tale of ancient woe, and of those punished for seeking truth? Read on…

Odyssey March 10

The Odyssey : Book Club Discussion Questions

You’re reading the Odyssey for your book club? Congratulations. It’s a tricky and tangled work. I hope these questions help you to pick through some of its features. Please be aware that our book club discussion questions contain spoilers! The narrative structure of the book is odd. Why is that? We start with Telemachus, and […]

The Digital Comics Museum: Bringing the Controversial Back to Life

Over on Open Culture they have an excellent article on the Digital Comics Museum. At time of writing, membership is free, and members may download any or all of the collections. They have over 100 000 out-of-copyright comics. The copyright expiration angle means they come from before the emergence of the modern superhero properties, and so they […]

My Haunted February : a 104 books in 2014 roundup

A handful of ghost stories, for February.

Fortean Times : The Great Magazine of the Weird comes to Gold Coast Libraries

Every so often the Library Service gets together with its magazine suppliers and renovates its orders. This time around my branch lost Masterchef (the magazine has been cancelled) and instead we have a brilliant magazine I’ve been privately lobbying for. Fortean Times in now available through our service. Fortean Times is not a New Age or revealed truth […]

Crash Course Literature : where to find the texts for free.

Crash Course is a Youtube educational series presented by John and Hank Green. A while ago they did a miniseries which was about the role of reading, The Catcher in the Rye, The Great Gatsby and Romeo and Juliet, which was excellent. They are now gearing up to do a longer series, and their course […]


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