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Beowulf and the dragon image August 21

Beowulf book club discussion questions

An epic poem wherein the eponymous hero fights three battles against monsters, rising in stature then falling, through his personal prowess. Beowulf was written, perhaps, in the Eighth Century and is one of the taproots of modern fantasy literature

Nerdsign4 August 12

John Green: Early Works

The earlier works in John Green’s back catalog are interesting, and well-written, but I wouldn’t advise reading them all together, as I did.  The Fault in our Stars and Paper Towns impressed me as books which, although written for teen audiences, had messages which would satisfy adult readers. His earlier works have similar strengths, but […]

index.aspx August 06

104 in 2014 : If I were in America, July would be Ice Cream Month

Instead, it has been the coldest winter for seven years, which is a great excuse to read graphic novels in the bath.

index.aspx August 04

Did Agatha Christie Invent the slasher genre? Book club discussion questions for “And then there were none”.

This set of book club discussion questions aims to highlight and reflect on the deep roots of the horror genre.

Kansha cover July 01

104 in 2014 : June must rhyme with something

I’ve finally racked up a decent amount of reading, so I might just manage to finish the challenge! This month is a mix of classics, cyberpunk and cookbooks.

maus cover June 16

Maus : A survivor’s tale book club discussion questions

Maus: A Survivor’s Tale is available for loan as one of the Gold Coast City Council Library’s book club kits. **Please be aware that book discussion questions contain spoilers** Synopsis: Maus by Art Spiegelman Maus is a graphic novel written by the author following a series of interviews with his father, Vladek, who is a […]

Capture1 June 13

Hating it here – The caustic genius of Transmetropolitan

Transmetropolitan is a graphic novel series about a gonzo journalist in a future society not so much dystopian as utterly disinterested in social advancement. It reminds me most of the society in search of continual distraction seen in Brave New World, except there’s no attempt at conformity. Instead there’s so much as raging personal satisfaction that individuals […]

104 June 04

104 in 2014: May

So, a busy month for the challenge! Finally I’ve managed to either read, or try and then reject, my requisite number of books. 35   Batman : Knight and Squire This is a graphic novel for fans of Batman, but it’s a pastiche, and doesn’t require you to be familiar with the intricate continuity of the […]

golden-apples May 25

In Praise of Open Culture, and Ray Bradbury

I’m a huge fan of a website called Open Culture, which collects free, legal ways to access media online. I was reminded of their awesomeness today while listening to some Ray Bradbury they have for download (via Internet Archive). The Golden Apples of the Sun, in this case, is a radio dramatization of eight of […]

Doctor Who: Eleven Doctors Eleven Stories

This anthologyDoctor Who 11 stories cover celebrates the 50th anniversary of the first episode of the Doctor Who television programme. It has novella length short works by well-regarded 11 authors, each featuring a different doctor. It has a surprising lack of polish, for which I blame poor editing


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