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TC Tom Carroll – pro surfer

TC : Tom Carroll  by Nick Carroll. Post by Julie from Southport Branch Library. Tom Carroll has been an amazing surfer since his teens. He has won numerous surfing titles including twice being World Champion. He was the first pro surfer to earn a million dollars. This book  written mainly from Tom’s viewpoint, but with regular accounts […]

Under Fire – 100 years since the first World War began

Under Fire  by Henri Barbusse (2003 English translation was originally published in French as “Le Feu” in 1916) Post by Janette from Southport Library. Henri Barbusse, born in 1893 in France, was a volunteer in the First World War. In 1914, he had no doubt that the French cause was that of humanity. By early […]

Balancing Act

Balancing Act  by Joanna Trollope. Post by Julie from Southport Branch Library. I haven’t read Joanna Trollope for a long time. I loved her early books but was disappointed by Friday Nights. In Balancing Act, Trollope manages to recreate the magic of her early novels. Trollope writes about close relationships, in this case family ties more than friendships, […]

Romulus, My Father by Raimond Gaita

The migrant experience is given an emotional charge in this autobiography, Romulus My Father by Raimond Gaita. The book is a moving, fascinating read that has endured as a favourite in Australia since winning the 1998 Victorian Premier’s Literary Award for Non-Fiction, remaining on the bestsellers list ever since. At its core is an exploration […]

pen name April 10

Pen Names! Your Favourite Authors Writing Under Different Names – Those Names Revealed!

Many authors write under various pseudonyms so you may well be waiting in anticipation for their next book to come out thinking you have read everything by a sensational author, when in fact there are many other books sitting on the shelf that you could get right now! Authors use pen names for a variety […]

Read more books April 09

104 in 2014: so I’m a fan

My reading journal for the year continues with another ten books, towards the goal of 104 in 2014. I’m a fan of most of these titles, but my favourite read out of these 10 would have to be Fangirl. Read on for more details:

beatles April 08

The best Beatle’s Bio – reviewed by major Beatle fan Jon

 Mark Lewisohn’s first part of his three-part definitive Beatles biography is the best Beatles bio I’ve read, including Hunter Davies’ official 1968 biography, the Beatles “own” Anthology book and many others. The title is  All These Years:  Volume One : Tune in, and being just under 1000 pages (this is the “short” edition) it encompasses Lewisohn’s […]

104b March 29

104 in 2014: The March of War

This month I’ve been binge-watching John Green play FIFA 2011, FIFA 13 and FIFA 14, while he discusses life and the writing process. I’ve also been binge-watching Thug Notes. This has prevented me getting a lot of audiobook listening in. Still, here are my reads for March. You’ll note they look a lot like the reading […]

104 in 52. Adventure and survival.

BOOK 12 Destination Cambodia by Walter Mason Walter Mason’s first book Destination Saigon was a lovely book that my husband I both read when travelling through Vietnam, I have since given it to other friends travelling to Vietnam as it gives a good insight into the people and culture of Vietnam. This book, Destination Cambodia, I […]

half_bad March 19

Half Bad hits the shelves

Get your reading shoes on, and get ready to race into your local library and grab a copy of this book off the Hot Reads shelf – it’s being touted as the new Harry Potter, and the new Hunger Games, and it’s been said to have a taste of Orwell’s 1984.


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