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The Pact by Jodi Picoult

The basic plot of this story has two children growing up together as inseperable best friends from birth until, as they become teenagers, this inevitably turns to them having a romantic relationship. However, by the age of 17, one of them is dead and the other is on trial for her murder – but is […]

night train to lisbon August 18

Night Train to Lisbon

“Night Train to Lisbon” will indeed challenge you to take the journey along with Raimund Gregorius, professor of Classics. Hi lives a quiet, predictable life until one morning, when on his way to work, he prevents a beautiful young woman from jumping off a bridge. What leads us into the story is a small mesmerising […]

The Life of Pi

On this occasion I’ve broken my own rules, having seen the movie before reading the book. I erred and wondered if I should still read Yann Martel’s The Life of Pi or if the film had now sullied my would-be reading experience. However retrospectively I don’t know why I stalled even momentarily.  After making a […]

Charlaine Harris’s Southern Vampire Series – behind the scenes of True Blood

            While her writing style may not be suited to everyone’s taste, Charlaine Harris’s Southern Vampire Mysteries, which the HBO television series True Blood is based on, is nothing short of entertaining.   I first started reading the series with the first novel, Dead until Dark, well before the show, and when the series […]

Don’t want to miss a thing – Jill Mansell

Don’t want to miss a thing by Jill Mansell – When Dexter’s beloved sister dies suddenly, she leaves behind her 8 month old daughter, Delphi for him to raise. Dexter, a man who previously pursued a life of pleasure without responsibility or attachments, moves from his city apartment to a country home where he grows […]

The Maze Runner movie is coming

 The Maze Runner by James Dashner is incredibly descriptive, elaborate storytelling and full of emotion. It is well written with likeable characters, clever plot twists and will surely evoke mixed emotions as you read. It gave me chills, it made me laugh out loud and it even moved me to tears in parts. Admittedly the story is slow […]

Wolf of Wall Street

If you have seen the movie Wolf of Wall Street and loved it, then you should definitely read the book! The movie was a faithful reproduction of the book. Raw, no-holds-barred tell-all autobiography of Jordon Belfort’s life from rags to riches as head of the notorious investment firm Stratton Oakmont. Making thousands of dollars a […]

The White Queen

Philippa Gregory’s historical fiction novel has been adapted for tv but does it bring history to life like her book have? The White Queen is set during the War of the Roses with the Houses of Lancaster & York battleing for the English throne. The novel has a focal romantic setting as the two sides struggle for ultimate power. […]

The Lost child of Philomena Lee Book Club Discussion Questions

The Lost Child of Philomena Lee by Martin Sixsmith is available as one of the Gold Coast Libraries’ Book Club kits. **Please be aware that book discussion questions may contain spoilers** Synopsis: Irish lass Philomena Lee is a mere teenager when she falls pregnant and is handed by her family, over to the nuns at Roscrea Abbey. […]

index.aspx August 06

104 in 2014 : If I were in America, July would be Ice Cream Month

Instead, it has been the coldest winter for seven years, which is a great excuse to read graphic novels in the bath.


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