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pen name April 10

Pen Names! Your Favourite Authors Writing Under Different Names – Those Names Revealed!

Many authors write under various pseudonyms so you may well be waiting in anticipation for their next book to come out thinking you have read everything by a sensational author, when in fact there are many other books sitting on the shelf that you could get right now! Authors use pen names for a variety […]

Mazin Grace by Dylan Coleman

I love my ereader. I love that I can carry so many books on one small device. I love that I don’t have to struggle to hold open a big, heavy book. However, there are some books that are better read in physical form and Mazin Grace was one of them. Mazin Grace is a […]


Pompeii by Robert Harris. Pompeii is historical fiction spaning the four days just before and during the eruption of Mt Vesuvius on August 24-25  AD 79. The well known events of this time are brought to life with a mystery adventure involving the aquarius (the engineer responsible for the aqueduct) named Marcus Attilius Primus, a corrupt ‘millionaire’ […]

Get yourself ready Banjo’s Birthday

On the 17th of February it will be the 150th anniversary of Banjo Paterson’s birth. Various cities and towns in Australia are commemorating his life and work in a myriad of fantastic ways. To get yourself in the right spirit, maybe you’d like to reacquaint yourself with his poetry? Paterson helped form the Australian view […]

Dodger by Terry Pratchett

A new book from Terry Pratchett is always welcome, but Dodger is different from his Discworld series. It has flashes of humor, but far fewer straight-up jokes than usual. It has commentary on the London slums, but does not have the same satire of modern society that his other work does. The setting is excellent, and […]

One click digital eaudiobook of the month – The English Monster

The English Monster by Lloyd Shepherd, narrated by Steven Crossley Based on the real-life story of the gruesome Ratcliffe Highway murders, The English Monster takes us on a voyage across centuries. Non-spoiler alert! There is a dark twist – a spot of black-magical realism, if you like – about halfway through Lloyd Shepherd’s first novel […]

The Burial by Courtney Collins

It’s almost the end of the month and the end of September’s online ebook club. Did anyone read The Burial last month? If so, what did you think of it? If not, have you read any great Australian historical fiction or ‘Australian noir’ that you could recommend? I enjoyed reading ‘The Burial’ this month and […]

The life you make from the life you are given

Elemental by Amanda Curtin       I thoroughly enjoyed this book.     I was inspired to read it after reading a review which said – “Elemental is a novel about the life you make from the life you are given” The main character is Meggie and it is her life and what she makes of it that is […]

The Masqueraders by Georgette Heyer

The Masqueraders  by Georgette Heyer Once again, another wonderful novel by Georgette Heyer! I enjoyed reading this novel of adventure and romance. It is wonderful. The two protagonists of the story, Prudence and Robin Merriott, are obliged to don disguise on the instructions of their father, and are sent, as it were, into the lions’ […]

The search for Greek treasure lost for three thousand years

If you like Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code you should enjoy  Lost Temple by Tom Harper. The setting is Crete just after the end of the Second World War. Ex soldier and adventurer Sam Grant, who worked for the covert British military organisation SOE on Crete during the war is forced to work for […]


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