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The Golden Day by Ursula Dubosarsky Reviewed by Jill Smith

I just finished this book, which I read quickly because I soon got lost in the plight of the girls and shared their fear. The teacher Miss Renshaw ruled her small class of 11 girls with an iron fist. She was a little whacky and definitely a dreamer. The girls knew that they dare not […]

Introducing the Galactic Knights – MURDER inQUEST by Andrew McDermott Reviewed by Jill Smith

The Galactic Knights are super humans, bred to be competitors. In Part One, we are introduced to each of the future team members. They are unique individuals, each with their own strengths and issues. How could they ever become players on the inter-planetary scale as their recruitment and game founder Jack Molay plans? Basteel and […]

Unloched by Candice Lemon-Scott Reviewed by Jill Smith

I thought this was a particularly haunting story, one I won’t forget in a hurry. A simple concept of teenage sibling rivalry that taints the rest of the women’s lives, their domineering and demanding mother now in aged care plays one last trump card on her girls. They both rise to the bait and find […]

I AM JACK by Susanne Gervay Reviewed by Jill Smith

This is a great little book, and clearly worthy of the Children’s Book Council of Australia Award of Notable Australian Children’s Book. I particularly liked how Susanne portrayed Jack as a boy who thought he had to handle the bulling problem on his own; he felt he was the problem. He was soon to discover […]

AnatomyBigLibraryRead300x250 October 17

Big Library Read is back!

From 14 – 29 October Overdrive will be showcasing our Big Library Read, Anatomy of a Misfit by Andrea Portes. Anika Dragomir is the third most popular girl at Pound High School. But inside, she knows she’s a freak; she can’t stop thinking about former loner Logan McDonough …

speechies1 October 16

Speech Pathology Australia’s Book of the Year Awards

It’s a great pleasure each year to highlight the work of Speech Pathology Australia, and to bring a wider audience to the books they have highlighted as exceptional.

104 in 52

In the Evil Day by Peter Temple Well, this was a departure from everything else I have read by Peter Temple. Although this was written earlier (2002), so maybe everything else was a departure. This is a thriller that took me some getting into but once I did I was hooked. In the Evil Day […]

poetry_of_st_john_of_the_cross_1408_ October 02

104 in 2014 : September

As the year rushes toward its end, I rush to finish the 104 in 2014 challenge!

lonesome_october_forside September 26

The Annual Ritual of A Night in the Lonesome October.

“Those of us who remain will gather atop the hill at midnight. We will bring kindling and we will co-operate in the building of a big fire. It will serve as illumination, and into it will be cast all the bones, herbs, and other ingredients we have been preparing all month to give ourselves an […]

blog real September 23

Keeping it real


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