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Espionage /Spy Thrillers– who does it better the British or the Americans

I wrote this  just after the 2012 London Olympics and thought I had posted it a few days after the games finished.  Today I saw it was still languishing in my drafts and even though another Olympics has come and gone (Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics)  I’m thinking better late than never, so here goes. I remember being impressed by how well the British team […]

February online ebook club wrap-up

This month’s online ebook club selection was Jodi Picoult’s My sister’s keeper. I really enjoyed this novel. It’s the first Picoult book I’ve read. For those of you that don’t know the story: A couple find out that their daughter Kate has Leukemia when she is quite young. They conceive another daughter, Anna, as a […]

Poet’s Cottage

 Poet’s Cottage by Josephine Pennicott    - review by Lyn     Pearl Tatlow, author of dark and haunting stories for children, an expert at playing with others emotions for her own amusement, a provocative, sensual, daring woman. Is Pearl haunted by Poets Cottage, is she mad as many assume, does she carry the demons of past generations or […]

Big library read is back!

Join the biggest online ebook club with Big library read. From now until 5 March you can borrow and download Keys to the kitchen by Aida Mollenkamp at anytime – no holds and no wait lists. Keys to the kitchen is a fantastic guide to all things cooking from preparation to technique. It includes over […]

Ruth Park: Harp In the South Novels

What can I say another “Aussie” born in Kiwiland but hey we’re practically cousins, so who’s counting, certainly not I.  Ruth Park wrote several novels, childrens books along with a couple of non-fiction books, during her writing career.  The best known of these are the “Harp in The South” novels.  I studied both “The Harp […]

New ebooks with Borrow Box

BIG NEWS for ebook lovers! We have just released new, previously unavailable ebooks with Bolinda digital’s Borrow Box. Traditionally an eudiobook platform, Bolinda digital are now venturing into ebooks and have some great titles for Gold Coast library members. Here are some of their best: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak Recently converted into a […]

More breakfast reading

As part of my breakfast routine I “flip” through magazines, my feedly account and books rich with images. I am a self-confessed home decorating book junkie – to my husband’s amusement and frustration! We are currently thinking about doing something with our bathroom so I have been bringing home gorgeous home decoration books to get ideas, […]

Crash Course Literature : where to find the texts for free.

Crash Course is a Youtube educational series presented by John and Hank Green. A while ago they did a miniseries which was about the role of reading, The Catcher in the Rye, The Great Gatsby and Romeo and Juliet, which was excellent. They are now gearing up to do a longer series, and their course […]

A quick aside for the writers among us

Hi, just a brief note to the Gold Coast writing community: Coursera is running a free university course in introductory forensics. If you write detective stories, and want to brush up on how modern detection works, it might be worth checking out.

Australian hidden book puzzle

If you enjoyed the UK National Book Tokens hidden book title puzzles, I have a treat for you! Here’s my homegrown, book coasters version for Australian stories: Click on the image to enlarge it, and try to identify the 20 books titles, all written by Australian authors (some may have been born elsewhere, but we’ve […]


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