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104 in 52

100 Ideas that Changed Street Style by Josh Sims This is an interesting book that gives brief descriptions and history of 100 street styles, from “The teenager” through to “Magpie style”, this is one I wasn’t familiar with but I may just be a victim of the style. The images used for Western street style […]

Nerdsign4 August 12

John Green: Early Works

The earlier works in John Green’s back catalog are interesting, and well-written, but I wouldn’t advise reading them all together, as I did.  The Fault in our Stars and Paper Towns impressed me as books which, although written for teen audiences, had messages which would satisfy adult readers. His earlier works have similar strengths, but […]

popcorn August 10

Page to screen – are books better than movies?

“Never judge a book by its movie.” “Movies – ruining the book since 1920.” Do you agree? It’s a common event for book lovers to stumble out of movie theatres clutching their heads, crying “Nooooo!!! What… have… they… DONE???!!!” For readers to weep when they hear who has been cast to play their favourite book […]

hundred foor journey poster August 09

Page to screen – be a winner!

If you’ve been enjoying all this talk about books that have inspired movies and television shows, don’t miss your chance to win our page to screen competition, thanks to Birch Carroll & Coyle and Event Cinemas. Slip over to our City Libraries’ Facebook page and Like and Share the post about The Hundred Foot Journey […]

index.aspx August 04

Did Agatha Christie Invent the slasher genre? Book club discussion questions for “And then there were none”.

This set of book club discussion questions aims to highlight and reflect on the deep roots of the horror genre.

The Song of Achilles

The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller  The mythical age of Greek heroes – this is a retelling of the Trojan Wars of The Iliad by Homer. Our narrator is Patroclus, an awkward young prince, exiled from his own lands to the kingdom of Phthia under the guardianship of King Peleus and his dazzling son […]

Surfers buildings 4_compressed July 25

Our city, our stories

            One city, half a million stories! Everyone has a story, and we are looking to map the stories of the Gold Coast. Submit your story – of up to 1500 words – by Thursday 21 August, to see it included in the library’s e-book collection, and pinned to a […]

ideal-books July 24

What’s on your ideal bookshelf?

What are the books you can’t live without? Share your ideal bookshelf with us.

More 104 in 2014

I too have been a little slack in writing reviews; I have however been quite busy reading  Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen I finally read a Jane Austen novel! As I said in another post, it wasn’t as if I had objections to reading Austen I just knew it would always be there to […]

page to screen image compressed July 23

Puzzle over these book to movie images

Do you love seeing movies based on your favourite books? Or do casting ‘disasters’ drive you wild? Get ready for our next Readers’ Season – Page to screen – celebrating the books that have been adapted for film and television, with this puzzle of 42 images. Can you recognise them all?


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