Find book stuff

Before the Internet, librarians didn’t just keep lists of great books in their heads. They had specialised books that helped them answer the question: “I’ve read such and such, and loved it, what else is like that?” Now, the Internet makes many of these resources available to you, to peruse from home. Welcome to our secret stash!

  • Our stuff: If librarians had toolboxes, these would be the power tools! A selection of book-tastic online resources to help you find great reads.
  • Websites: The web is full of great resources for readers. These are a few that we really like.
  • Reviews: The media also helps you make reading decisions by providing  guides, reviews and criticsm. Find your literary critics here.
  • Award winning books: When reviewers get together they stamp some books as classics for the ages. View the product of their collected wisdom!
  • Other book clubs: Keeping up with the neighbours, book club style!
  • Community reading lists: if your group needs a reading list for an event, ask us to make you one. We’ll stash it here, so when other groups ask for similar stuff later, we look like geniuses.