Life of pi April 02

April online ebook club – Life of Pi by Yann Martel

This month’s online ebook club read is Life of Pi by Yann Martel. This bestselling novel follows the story of a sixteen year-old boy named Pi, who, following the tragic sinking of a cargo ship in which his family were killed, is stuck on a lifeboat with a Hyena, Zebra, Orang-Utan and a 450-pound Bengal […]

This star won't go out 2 April 01

This Star Won’t Go Out : Book club discussion questions

A series of notes, drawings and journal entries by Esther Grace Earl, a teenager who died of thyroid cancer. A complicated work, about the ordinariness of people who are ill, and the extra-ordinariness of people.

104b March 29

104 in 2014: The March of War

This month I’ve been binge-watching John Green play FIFA 2011, FIFA 13 and FIFA 14, while he discusses life and the writing process. I’ve also been binge-watching Thug Notes. This has prevented me getting a lot of audiobook listening in. Still, here are my reads for March. You’ll note they look a lot like the reading […]

104 in 52. Adventure and survival.

BOOK 12 Destination Cambodia by Walter Mason Walter Mason’s first book Destination Saigon was a lovely book that my husband I both read when travelling through Vietnam, I have since given it to other friends travelling to Vietnam as it gives a good insight into the people and culture of Vietnam. This book, Destination Cambodia, I […]

1984 March 27

March online ebook club wrap-up

This month we read Nineteen Eighty-four by George Orwell for our online ebook club. This dark, dystopian novel was written in 1948 and is set in 1984. It depicts an extreme totalitarian society in which people are regimentally controlled to the point where they are almost incapable of independent thought. Our protagonist in this novel, […]

King in Yellow March 25

The King in Yellow – book club discussion questions

Tapping into the rootstock of modern horror? You’ve made an excellent, if slightly unhinged, choice.

Folder and pen March 21

Local authors: brace yourself for an online event of epic scale and awesomeness

A Uni in the UK is doing a free course on how to write fiction, and we are going to help you finish it.

What makes life worth living?

This is the sub-title of Hugh Mackay’s latest title The Good Life and is a good indication of what the book is about.  When we say we are living the good life we usually mean we have, money, time and the freedom to do as we please, but when we say someone led a “good life” […]

half_bad March 19

Half Bad hits the shelves

Get your reading shoes on, and get ready to race into your local library and grab a copy of this book off the Hot Reads shelf – it’s being touted as the new Harry Potter, and the new Hunger Games, and it’s been said to have a taste of Orwell’s 1984.

letter to george clooney March 18

Letter to George Clooney by Debra Adelaide

Letter to George Clooney is one of the long-listed titles for the 2014 Stella Prize and I can see why this may be so. Debra Adelaide is a writes beautifully and portrays aspects of life in Australia with humour, irony, warmth and sadness. The book comprises a series of short stories – some of these […]


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