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Just the ticket

Just the Ticket by Lynnie Saint-James. When Australian author Lynnie traveled to India with her boyfriend (now her husband) Kuldip for his nephews wedding, she already loved travelling, but her first trip to India proved to be something else. After attending a five day wedding (wearing India’s national dress, with Lynnie in a sari), they travelled through India […]

Romulus, My Father by Raimond Gaita

The migrant experience is given an emotional charge in this autobiography, Romulus My Father by Raimond Gaita. The book is a moving, fascinating read that has endured as a favourite in Australia since winning the 1998 Victorian Premier’s Literary Award for Non-Fiction, remaining on the bestsellers list ever since. At its core is an exploration […]

Just the ticket February 25

Just the ticket

Just the ticket by Lynnie Saint James. Post by Robyn55. When Lynnie heads to India with her Indian partner (now her husband) Kuldip, she is like Dorothy landing in the magical land of Oz. Like Dorothy, Lynnie soon embraces her new and bewildering (at times) circumstances. With the help of some enthusiastic and kind Indian […]

Eyrie February 24


Eyrie by Tim Winton. Post by Robyne55. It’s rare that this reader is lost for words – but where to begin? Tim Winton’s ‘Eyrie’ is a treasure trove of a book. Did I like it? No. This is a raw brute of a novel. No likable puppy love here. Do I respect this book? I […]

Mazin Grace by Dylan Coleman

I love my ereader. I love that I can carry so many books on one small device. I love that I don’t have to struggle to hold open a big, heavy book. However, there are some books that are better read in physical form and Mazin Grace was one of them. Mazin Grace is a […]

Tomorrow, when the war began

Tomorrow, when the war began by John Marsden.   I loved reading this series, by one of Australia’s great writers. It is about a group of seven teenagers who decide to camp out, or ‘go bush’ for a few days over the Christmas holidays. One night while they are away, they hear the roar of engines […]

Shoot Straight, You Bastards: A Frustratingly Poor History of Breaker Morant

This book reads well as a novel, but as a history, it’s difficult to credit. I’d recommend it for people wanting a bit of a bush yarn. It’s light and has a rebellious lead character who does terrible things and is pulled down by them. That’s a classical tragedy. I just can’t recommend it as a […]

Get yourself ready Banjo’s Birthday

On the 17th of February it will be the 150th anniversary of Banjo Paterson’s birth. Various cities and towns in Australia are commemorating his life and work in a myriad of fantastic ways. To get yourself in the right spirit, maybe you’d like to reacquaint yourself with his poetry? Paterson helped form the Australian view […]

January online ebook club – The Slap by Christos Tsiolkas

I’ve had The Slap on my ‘To-read’ list for a while now so I was more than happy to read it for our January online ebook club. The slap has had such mixed reviews with many labeling it overrated with completely unlikeable characters. I actually loved it and it made me wonder, am I so […]

Scission by Tim Winton

Scission by Tim Winton Post by Jennifer Gates, Southport Branch.  Published in 1985, Scission is Winton’s first short story collection. The title refers to the act of tearing or ripping apart and to quote Tim Winton, he says that this collection “explores the joy and pain of living”.  It is this theme that unites all […]


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