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June online ebook club wrap-up: The secret keeper

This month we looked at The secret keeper by Kate Morton as part of our online ebook club. The story begins when 16-year-old Laurel Nicholson witnesses a shocking event which shapes the way she sees her mother and unusually happy family. Fifty years later Laurel’s mother, Dorothy, is on her death bed and Laurel decides […]

104 in 52. Adventure and survival.

BOOK 12 Destination Cambodia by Walter Mason Walter Mason’s first book Destination Saigon was a lovely book that my husband I both read when travelling through Vietnam, I have since given it to other friends travelling to Vietnam as it gives a good insight into the people and culture of Vietnam. This book, Destination Cambodia, I […]

Australian books March 01

Twenty great Australian books – solved!

We hope you enjoyed working out the clues in our Australian stories hidden book title puzzle. Here’s that image again… And here are the 20 titles: The Boatby Nam Le My Brilliant Careerby Miles Franklin 48 Shades of Brownby Nick Earls Cloudstreetby Tim Winton Dot and the Kangaroo by Ethel Pedley The Well Dressed Explorer […]

Floundering by Romy Ash

What a tragic novel. And by tragic I mean well-written with a tragic storyline. Floundering is the debut novel by Romy Ash and I hope to read more of her novels in future. It tells the story of 2 boys, Jordy and Tom, who are living with their grandparents until they are ‘kidnapped’ by their […]

Australian hidden book puzzle

If you enjoyed the UK National Book Tokens hidden book title puzzles, I have a treat for you! Here’s my homegrown, book coasters version for Australian stories: Click on the image to enlarge it, and try to identify the 20 books titles, all written by Australian authors (some may have been born elsewhere, but we’ve […]

Aussie book steals success

The Book Thief is not Markus Zusak’s first novel, however it is the novel that has shot this Australian author to stardom and made his name a household name. The Book Thief has enjoyed “a long time at the top” of the best-sellers book releases and it is expected to stay there for some time […]

The Blood Countess by Tara Moss reviewed by Jill Smith

Pandora English leaves her small town life, to break free from her tragic past, when she is invited to live with her aunt in New York City. She knows nothing about her Great Aunt Celia except that she must quite elderly.  Pandora is an aspiring writer and plans to make big changes in her life. […]

Neon Pilgrim

Neon Pilgrim by Lisa Dempster. Post by Bindi. What’s an overweight, out of work Australian with limited Japanese language skills to do to jumpstart her life? Travelling the famed henro michi wouldn’t be the first thing that springs to mind! But that’s exactly what Lisa Dempster thought she needed. The henro michi is an 88 […]

Liberte, Egalite and Maternite!

Mama Couture : A hilarious and inspiring tale of modern motherhood by Moya Kate is light, frivolous and at times just a little bit too fanciful. The central character Til (Matilda) is a Sydney gal, working in fashion, who loves Jimmy Choos and gets heart palpitations at the mention of magazine mogul Vogue, top-shelf couture labels like […]

When we were two – a PM Literary Award triumph

When we were two has won a PM Literary Award this year for YP fiction and it is a very deserving winner. Robert Newton has created such endearing characters in Dan and Eddie and these brothers – their relationship, their amazing bond, their Aussie mateship – will draw you into their story. You will walk side by side with them and feel as tho you are with them on their journey, experiencing their hardships and their conquests.

Older brother Dan is fed up with his life and can’t take his cruel abusive father any longer so he leaves home in search of a better life. Dan thought he was embarking on a solo journey until he realises his little brother Eddie has joined him. At first Dan orders Eddie straight back home but after Eddie refuses Dan concedes, he doesn’t really want to send his brother back to their father, the man he is running from. So they head off together determined to find a better life and with the hope of finding their lost mother. On their travels they meet different people with different agendas and Dan must keep his wits about him to protect his brother. They meet a group of soldiers and join forces as they march over the mountains to join up in the Great War.

The language is typically Australian and the story deals with periods of fortitude, angst, sadness, happiness, confusion, hope and loss. It’s a multitude of emotion. It is a book that will make you cry and one that will have you laughing out loud. A real Aussie gem of a book :-)


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