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Tracks September 02

September online ebook club – Tracks by Robyn Davidson

This month we’re reading Tracks by Robyn Davidson for our online ebook club. You may recall the movie ‘Tracks’ being released at the cinema early in 2014. This is the true story of Robyn Davidson, a woman who walked from Alice Springs to the West Australian coast in the 70’s with 3 camels and her […]

Just the ticket

Just the Ticket by Lynnie Saint-James. When Australian author Lynnie traveled to India with her boyfriend (now her husband) Kuldip for his nephews wedding, she already loved travelling, but her first trip to India proved to be something else. After attending a five day wedding (wearing India’s national dress, with Lynnie in a sari), they travelled through India […]

Under Fire – 100 years since the first World War began

Under Fire  by Henri Barbusse (2003 English translation was originally published in French as “Le Feu” in 1916) Post by Janette from Southport Library. Henri Barbusse, born in 1893 in France, was a volunteer in the First World War. In 1914, he had no doubt that the French cause was that of humanity. By early […]

Secret life of the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is a renown travel destination for sun, surf and sand. The Gold Coast attracts flocks of tourists annually wanting to soak up the sun, lap up the lattes, shop til they drop and party til the sun comes up on a brand new day. When this book crossed my radar, it peaked my interest.  The […]

Her Father’s Daughter

I have embarked on an escapist, literary journey. I have packed my bag, my passport, my map and I’ve set off to see if I can travel ‘Around the world in 80 literary ways!” I plan to read both fiction and non-fiction in an attempt to traverse this wide and wonderful world of ours. Book […]

The Glass Castle

The Glass Castle is the name of the lavish dream-child conjured up by Rex Walls. Rex Walls is a man with big dreams but very little practical grasp on reality. Rex elaborately describes detail by detail to his daughter, Jeannette Walls the dream house that he will build for his family. The grand abode however […]

Waiting to be heard: a memoir

If you were even the slightest bit captivated by the murder and trial while it was going on in the Unites States, whether you believe in her innocence or guilt, this book is an interesting read.

Amanda Knox left Seattle to study abroad in Italy. Her life was shattered when her roommate, student Meredith Kercher, was murdered in their apartment. Five days after the murder Amanda was taken into custody and charged by the Italian police. This book is Amanda’s perspective, her thoughts about her life in Italy, her involvement in the investigation and the legal proceedings and her time while in prison. To me it comes off as a honest account – she openly admits to being young and naïve and divulges her once outlandish lifestyle. She describes her emotions vividly and her reaction to losing her friend seems sincere. Her writing is articulate and engaging and I felt I was experiencing the unfolding of events right along with her. The book is chronologically organised and flows easily. She doesn’t hold back and I felt like I was getting to know her in a very personal way. I was particularly interested reading about Amanda and Meredith’s brief yet close relationship from Amanda’s viewpoint. It’s quite a gut-wrenching story considering what happened.

I believe this book would be on interest to anyone who enjoys court room drama or crime stories, as well as anyone who appreciates a detailed and thoughtful memoir of hard questioning, tragic circumstances and sadness.

Child of the Raj by Pamela Cameron-Clarke reviewed by Jill Smith

This is a delightful and insightful journey though Pamela’s childhood. I many ways she had a privileged upbringing in a very large, loving and ever-growing household. The recollections of her early life are very vividly those of the child seeing her world. In these days of the Empire, when her father’s career took the family […]

A dad. A teenage son and an education he couldn’t refuse

 Single paremt. Unemployed. Father of a teenage son. David Gilmour has his fair share of troubles on his plate. To make things worse his teenage son Jesse is speeding, like a bullet train trough a long, dark tunnel and headed off the rails and into oblivion. Dad David helps the best and only way he […]

The “Dalai Mama” reveals her year of frantic tedium, neurotic angst & the wild magic of growing a family!

Waiting for Birdy : a year of frantic tedium, neurotic angst, and the wild magic of growing a family by Catherine Newman. Newman is a well know author, she has an on-tap American reading fan base as she has been a regular contributor to O (Oprah) magazine. Newman, mother to little man Ben, falls pregnant […]


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