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brighton March 14

104 in 2014: nobody said it would be easy

How’s the reading challenge going? Still on board? Here are ten more book reviews, including four for books I thought were absolute gems – aGothic parody, a classic seen from a new perspective, an old favourite and, strangely, something about rugby. Enjoy.

The final 40 days of reading

2013 is done and dusted, and 2014 is here full of exciting, shiny and lovely new books. But before I start on the new, I’d best wrap up the old, with this report on my final 40 days of reading, from 17 November to 26 December. Of course, that also left the final 5 days of the year – the […]

40 more days of reading madness

Another 40 days of reading – is there no end to it? Actually, as we are all well aware, the 2013 year has been and gone, and all I have to show for it is a lovely bit of well-intentioned paving. And, of course, more book reviews!!  So here, at last, is the report on the books I read […]

104 in 2014: A Challenge

In 2012 we had a 52 books in 52 weeks Challenge. It was fantastic, because it let us pick through reading journals of our fellow bookcoasters and see what they liked and what they hated. So, time to kick it off again. The 104 in 2014 Challenge is to encourage you to get reading, but it […]

Reading for 40 days and 40 nights

I’m making a concerted effort to catch up on my book reviews, so here is my report on the latest 40 days of reading. These days are from 29 August to 7 October 2013, and this proved to be a particularly unfruitful patch for me. My life rudely intruded into my reading time and I […]

It’s another 40 days of reading

Here is my exceedingly overdue report on 40 more days of reading – 14 books in the 40 days from 19 July to 28 August. It starts with a suitable recommendation for our 28 days of horror and happily continues with some excellent series. I also took another step on my chronological re-reading of Georgette Heyer’s Georgian […]

Giddy from 40 more days of books

Oh, yes, another 40 days of reading – these ones from 10 June to 19 July. I’m giddy with delight at starting not one, but two, wonderful new series in this batch of books. And they are not brand new-to-the-world series either – instead I have the delicious pleasure of being able to start at […]

40 days of bookitude

Just documenting 40 more days slipping graciously by, these ones from 1 May to 9 June, and quite a few of them spent reading books. One of the things I did this month was a library catalogue subject search on “fairytale” with diverse results, not all of which I’ve read yet. So let’s see what delights […]

40 more days of reading

Here are the books I read for the 40 days between the southern hemisphere’s Vernal Equinox and Walpurgisnacht. And now it is the Winter Solstice. Tsk! Almost a third of them are the first five books in the Greek Detective series by Anne Zouroudi. Having read, and loved, the first I progressed, greedily devouring them […]

Another 40 days of reading

I have been reading a little less this year and doing some other things. Attending book festivals, for example. Nevertheless, books have still been making their stately progress from the “to be read” pile, over to the read stack. The books listed below were read between the 10th of February and the 21st of March, my second […]


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