Dracula October 01

October Online ebook club: Dracula By Bram Stoker

It’s the month of Halloween and so naturally our October online ebook club selection has to be a horror novel. And so this month’s book is Dracula by Bram Stoker.

This tells the story of a young lawyer, Jonathan Harker, who visits Count Dracula’s castle to arrange a real estate transaction and is held hostage there. He escapes after a series of horrifying events and flees back to England. Dracula follows and soon goes after Harker, Harker’s fiance and her friends. With help from Professor Abraham van Helsing, Dracula is chased back to his castle where a final battle takes place.

sparkler small August 19

Get your Words Out to win

Young Gold Coast writers should get creative on the theme of LIGHT to be in the running to win an iPad.

power hungry October 06

Power Hungry : the ultimate energy bar cookbook

Power Hungry by Camilla V. Saulsbury. This is one of those wonderful books which gets discovered and does the rounds, passed from person to person as recipes are tried, shared, and discussed. I first noticed it on the desk of a friend, and ordered my own copy…then discovered that she had done the same thing! […]

awakening prim October 05

The Awakening of Miss Prim

The Awakening of Miss Prim by Natalia Sanmartin Fenollera Post by Kyla. This book promised to tell the story of a literature loving young lady who is living out of step with the modern world and abandoning her depressing job in the city to live in a vintage rural utopia. It was a rainy long […]

Vengeance September 30

September Online ebook club wrap-up – Vengeance

This month, City Libraries held a ‘crime and mystery’ reader season and so naturally our ebook club book of the month was a crime anthology. Vengeance is a collection of short stories around the theme of vengeance (obviously). The anthology was edited by popular crime author Lee Child. I’m neither a fan of crime or […]


BLOODLINE – Alan Gold & Mike Jones Book 1 of the Heritage Trilogy “Bloodline” is an historical fiction of modern Jerusalem in 2007 and tracing parallel stories from 942 BCE to 126 CE. A Palestinian youth (Bilal) is shot during an unsuccessful terrorist attack and is saved by the skill of a young Jewish doctor […]


It is the last novel of Award winning author Kent Haruf who died in November, 2014 at the age of seventy-one and what a magnificent work he has left as his legacy. An elderly widow approaches her widowed neighbour with a proposition i.e., to spend the nights together in her bed for company. The man […]

Great Scott September 25

“Sports Almanacs! Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Sports Almanacs!” What to do if You See Marty McFly on October 21 2015

In under a month’s time on October 21 according to footage found amongst the mangled wreckage of a Delorean, after a train ploughed into it when for some reason it was parked on train tracks back in 1985, it is likely that a young man named Marty McFly will appear in one our branches looking […]

Obernewtyn by Isobelle Carmody reviewed by Jill Smith

Elspeth Gordie lived in fear. She did not make friends, and kept to herself. The Herders ruled the land. An orphan, sent to gather white stick, a poison from the Great White left by the Beforetimers. Once cleansed, the white stick, became sleeping potions, or potent medicines, prepared by the Herders. Her brother Jess had once been close […]

All the light we cannot see

Anthony Doerr has written this brilliant book which is the 2015 Pulitzer Prize Winner and is one of the best novels I have read. This book is set in Hitler’s World War II Germany and France, and describes the life of a young blind Parisian girl and an orphaned German boy.  This could be depressing but really […]

The Long Shadow of the Drone

The KILL CHAIN presents the dark side of high tech warfare. With unlimited budgets and rooms full of servers the modern field of warfare has these high tech assassins know as “drones” and the chain of command is also known as the KILL CHAIN. I was drawn to reading this book because, I wanted to […]


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