The Girl from Venice

The setting for Martin Cruz Smith’s new novel The Girl from Venice is the inspiring beauty and uniqueness of Venice which fortuitously was saved from the bombing raids of World War II.  It remains intact in all its glory – maybe until nature decides otherwise – and provides the background scenery for this wartime love story. […]

The Oracle of Stamboul

The Oracle of Stamboul by Michael David Lukas is the most exquisite fairy tale of a novel. It is magical, atmospheric and divinely beautiful.  According to an ancient prophecy, dictated by a King on his deathbed, a child would be born who would be the Oracle of Stamboul and according to the midwife, who brought […]

four-snails February 20

Four Snails And An Umbrella by Glenis Carlton

“Four Snails And An Umbrella” is a delightful story, beautifully illustrated for children aged from three to eight. To read the adventure of the four little snails as they leave their safe and secure home in the vegetable garden is to enter the magical world of children’s imagination. Sloopy Loopy, Happy Pappy, Slippy Lippy and […]

The Things we keep

In The Things we keep by Sally Hepworth, the story is not always revealed in a linear presentation and sometimes the story can be momentarily confusing however this simply helps the reader to experience the general feeling of befuddlement, a sensation that dementia sufferers are only too familiar with. Anna finds herself adjust from being […]

shakespeare February 18

Globe: Life in Shakespeare’s London

Globe: Life in Shakespeare’s London by Catharine Arnole Post by Sandra I enjoyed reading this fascinating book which describes the times and life of William Shakespeare.  London was a bustling, busy town during Tudor times and Shakespeare found his place and popularity  as a well known playwright.   His success was not always enthusiastically acclaimed as one […]

portrait-of-a-spy February 17

Portrait of a Spy

Portrait of a Spy By Daniel Silva Post by Sandra This wonderful tale by the famed author of spy fiction weaves magic and reality together.  I enjoyed reading this story of the Israeli spy, Gabriel Allon and his glamorous wife, Chiara and also other members of his team who stop terrorists in their tracks.  I […]

vinegar-girl February 16

Vinegar Girl – Anne Tyler

Vinegar Girl  by Anne Tyler . Come and celebrate Valentine’s Day and all things romantic at the Elanora Library Open book club in February. We will be meeting at 10.30 on Thursday the 23rd to discuss Vinegar Girl  by Anne Tyler, part of the Hogarth series of Shakespeare tales retold by modern authors. Pulitzer prize winning author  Tyler excels […]

christmas-bells February 16

When Christmas Bells Ring

When Christmas Bells Ring by Katie Flynn Post by Sandra When Christmas Bells Ring is a story set in Liverpool during the war years and tells the story of Rosheen, who at age 15 has twins.  It is also about  her life living with her mother, and the childhood years of the twins as they grow […]

lake-house February 15

The Lake House

The Lake House by Kate Morton Post by Sandra This is a magnificent story set in Cornwall at a beautiful country  estate in earlier times of the twentieth century and also the modern day of 2003. It also involves a wonderful sweep of history, including the first world war and also the later years after the […]

download-robot February 14

We have Make:!

The Library Service gets new titles in for its physical magazine subscriptions every six months or so.  This time we added many titles. the one which thrills me most is For my fellow staff, Make can be a bit inaccessible when you first open it, because it assumes that you are a maker, and are […]