Comic book tattoo

Some of the library’s best graphic novels aren’t in the graphic novels section: basically if they are outside the American trade format, or the smaller Japanese format, a lot of them just get shelved as books. So, if you are wanting great standalone narrative art, sometimes its good to check out the drawing section of non-fiction (741.5).

A great book I’ve just found in this section is Comic book tattoo, from Image Comics. The theme of it is this: take teams of excellent narrative art illustrators. Give each of them the lyrics of one song by Tori Amos. Tell each of them that you’ll publish whatever they come up with, no matter how strange or off topic it is. Collect the 51 stories into a book is the size of a small desk. It has great art, in a wide variety of styles, and it has some B sides I’ve not listened to. The lyrics are Little earthquakes through to American doll posse.

Written later: there’s a longer review, with art examples, on CBR