Sequels in October

I’ve been researching a book and so I’ve not been doing a lot of leisure reading, but I have managed to get through Off Armageddon Reef, By heresies distressed and Dexter by design.

My reviews of By heresies distressed and Off Armageddon Reef are basically the same as the previous review for By schism rent asunder. In By heresies distressed there’s a great scene with a musket square, which makes me want to go out and buy Empire: Total War, a computer game with a similar technological level, but the whole thing is glacially slow, and the enemy don’t ever really seem to stand a chance, so there’s not a lot of tension in these books.

Dexter by design is a solid piece of work. It’s far better than Dexter in the dark, for example, because the author pulls back from the supernatural themes of the last book, and returns to his formula for the first few books. The first chapter is genuinely disturbing: it walks the stories back into psychological horror territory for those of us who have been watching the TV series, which is basically a sort of Pinnochio tale in which Dexter is learning how to be really human.  In the books, Dexter doesn’t want to be like us. It’s horrifying, and has lashings of very dark wit, and seems like a return to form.