To Hellas and back: my modern-day Greek tragedy, by Lana Penrose

A review by Penny.

Lana Penrose and her Greek-Australian boyfriend, later husband, Dion, travel to Greece so that Dion can take up a new job running an Athenian radio station.  He takes to the lifestyle immediately, has no trouble making friends, the language and loves his job.  Lana, on the other hand, does not.  She is lonely, friendless, does not like feta cheese, thinks the Acropolis is ‘ok’ and, in her words, in twelve months changes from ‘an independent, working wild-child into a needy, sweat-pant-wearing house sitter – introverted, shy, paranoid and ultra-sensitive.”

This may not sound like a fun read but she tells her story with no trace of self pity and a great deal of humour.  Although her underlying alarm at her disintegration is heart rending, she does eventually make friends and the scenes with her great friend Tim are hilarious and uplifting.

She has now published her next book, Kickstart my heart,  which continues her story and her new life in London.  Although she has a fabulous job and wonderful friends the challenge of being single in her thirties sometimes seems overwhelming but is still hilarious.

Both these non fiction books are great reads, funny, poignant and vastly entertaining.