Napoleon Bonaparte: world conquering romance novelist

Avoiding entendres, I leave this caption alone.

So, while reading Clausewitz for LibriVox and playing Empire: Total War, I was trolling about the Net for procrastination fuel and struck something cool. Napoleon Bonaparte, the Little Corporal who demonstrated that with enough friends and sufficient grapeshot you could terrorize Europe, had tried to get a romance novel published, but couldn’t get it out to what you’d presume was a particularly interested and motivated contemporary audience.

Fortunately, celebrity in another field has allowed his work to slide across the finish line, Katie Price style, and we now have it in translation.

So, if you’re wanting to get what must be a touchstone of the Napoleon romance genre, if not a great example, given that people at the time thought it wasn’t a runner, hit the link for Clisson and Eugenie.

It’s only 77 pages long, so we might assume that they didn’t muck around in their romance novels in the Napoleonic era. Either that or they liked their books light: no point carrying a thick book when you are marching swiftly into Italy to astound the enemy with your crazy maneuvers.