April 14


Help me pick a new book to record in audio

So, in my spare time I record books in the public domain into audio, as part of the LibriVox project.  I’m just finishing off On war by Carl von Clauewitz and so now I’m looking for a new project. I’m down to help out with Robbery under arms, but I prefer solo projects.

So, I’d like you to suggest a new book for me to turn into an audiobook.  There are a couple of conditions though!

The book needs to be listed on Project Gutenberg, or Project Gutenberg Australia. These sites check the rights on the books, and I don’t have time to do a copyright search.

The book can’t already have been recorded for LibriVox.

I need to like it. That basically means it can’t be something I’d object to having my voice piped around the internet saying. So it can’t be stuff that demeans others.  Also it needs to be easily pronouncable.

So, thinking caps on!