Storm front by Jim Butcher in audiobook : fantastic performance

I love audiobooks. I listen to a few hundred a year. I have to say, though, that Storm front is one of the best renditions I’ve heard.

I’m not saying it had the best plot, although its quite a good urban fantasy thriller. I mean that James Marsters (Spike from Buffy, Brainiac from Smallville, Captain John from Torchwood) performs the read of it fantastically well.

It’s not just that he does the voices. I personally prefer people don’t do the voices, because so few men can do women’s voices in a half convincing way. Baritone guys grabbed to do audiobooks because they have gravitas on the radio really shouldn’t do falsettos to try and sound like women. Oddly, the converse is not true: women with deep voices for radio seem to have little trouble doing men. So it’s not just that he can actually do passable women’s voices.

It’s that he gets the pronunciations right. And by “right” I don’t mean “clear” : I mean he stumbles when he should stumble, he swallows and pauses when he should pause, his breath control during lines is great and he uses it to suggest emotional tone.

This book is just fantastically well read. I enjoyed the craft of the rendition of it immensely, and I’m very pleased we have a continuation of the series through Overdrive.