A cozy horror genre?

So, vampires huh? I kind of agree with Neil Gaiman, that they have been a bit overdone recently, and it would be better for them to go back into the shadows for a while, and re-emerge as something new and strange.

That being said, because Being Human is back on the telly, and its just fantastically brilliant, and because I’m hoping to play some Chill: Creature Feature at Gen Con Oz this year, so I’ve been looking for some multiple-monster protagonist novels.

I’d also like them to be in a certain style: an old fashioned style. I’d like to call them “cozy horror” to tie them spiritually to the idea of the “cozy mystery”, in which sure, people get murdered, but its not enough to put you off your scones.

My favourite in this odd little genre is probably The monster club by R. Chetwynd-Hayes. Not so much the movie, which wasn’t sufficently funny, but the book. Chetwynd-Hayes was a ghost-but-not-horror author who wrote mostly for the library trade, and loved making monsters. The monster club is one of his finest efforts in monstermaking, based on his setup that as vampires, wereolves and ghouls breed, they produce hybrids, and if these hybrids breed, they produce a range of different types of monsters, with various horrifying powers.  You may have to hunt it up by interlibrary loan, but I really like it. Chetwynd-Hayes was possibly the last guy writing old fashioned, English, bump in the nighters.  It’s kind of sad that his work is not more widely available.

One that’s easier to get your hands on is From the dust returned by Ray Bradbury. It’s a book with a slow, slow build. Give it the chance to try and creep up on you, though, and its a great ghost-but-not-horror book about a strange family who might perhaps be undead, and their adoptive son.

I’m looking forward to Never the bride from the Top 40 competition. I’ve heard it fits that sort of mould, and there’s always Hellboy, of course…

Any other takers? Any suggestions? Cozy horror with multple monster protagonists?