eNews Review – Sideways: Travels with Kafka, Hunter S, and Kerouac

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Kimberley has provided the following review featured in the September issue of Library eNews.

A fellow colleague suggested I read Patrick O’Neil’s debut novel Sideways: Travels with Kafka, Hunter S, and Kerouac and as I do judge a book by its cover, I couldn’t resist.

O’Neil’s colourful travel memoir successfully captures the spirit of his literary heroes.  O’Neil quits his desk job, breaks up with his girlfriend, sells all his belongings and flings himself at the mercy of the world.  Here he abandons the popular backpackers route for a Kafkaesque Desert odyssey, a Beat inspired encounter with lawless cops in Rio,  and predictably a Hunter S peyote-fueled panic in the middle of nowhere.

Along the way, this Melbourne local finds inspiration, enlightenment and discovers the way forward isn’t necessarily straight ahead.   A thoroughly entertaining, bag packing, flight booking book, where five-star accommodation and comfort looks almost boring.

(Editors note: The very charming Patrick O’Neil was one of the Literati cohort for 2010 and for those who met him, there were many more stories that didn’t make it into the book!)