Stars over Shiralee by Sheryl McCorry

By Lyn

Having read the first book Diamonds and Dust, I settled down expecting to read a book following similar themes: a woman with physical and mental strength, living and working in a male environment, who managed to retain her femininity.

While femininity was retained and physical strength remained intact, this story followed a different line from the outset.

The author is very open and honest. She takes the reader on a journey through her lust for a younger man, her cancer, her marriage to a mentally abusive man and the re-emergence, over time, of the character I recognized from her first book.

Initially I questioned whether I would have read this book through to the end, if I hadn’t read and thoroughly enjoyed Diamonds and Dust.  What this book shows and teaches us is that abuse effects even the mentally strongest of characters and despite the intervention of family and doctors, encouraging the victim to leave the abusive relationship, the person will only leave when they are  ready.  The decision to walk away from the abuse has to come from within and only when that happens will the one being abused be able to continue with life and living to their full potential.

I would encourage all to read Stars over Shiralee, this book shows how easy it is to let abuse happen and how over time  it erodes self esteem and leads to the belief that you have caused and deserved the abuse. Sheryl McCorry spent years in a relationship she would never have envisaged herself in and with courage to seek help and courage to share her story she has triumphed and shown she is a remarkable woman. 

A new man in her life and living back at her beloved Shiralee, Sheryl  is once again letting her spirit fly.