The First Australians

Being a Kiwi import I am not very familiar with Australian Indigenous culture, so I was pleased to find a couple of good books lately which have filled in some of the gaps. The first was Riding the Black Cockatoo by John Danalis, an enlightening and emotional story about one man’s effort to right a past wrong and help close the gap between white and indigenous Australians.

The second was a book by Ros Moriarty who, with her husband John, were the owners of Balarinji, the design company who created the iconic Qantas jet painted in an indigenous style in the 1990’s. Listening to Country: a journey to the heart of what it means to belong is her story as a white Australian married to an Aboriginal man who is embraced and accepted by the women of the Yanyuwa tribe of Booraloola.

Now I’m keen to read more about the first Australians, has anyone any suggestions for me?