Vale, Elisabeth Sladen

The sci-fi obsessed sections of the net are in mourning, because the actress Elisabeth Sladen, who played Sarah Jane Smith on Doctor Who and in her more recent spin-off series, Sarah Jane Adventures, has passed away after a lengthy, but private, battle with cancer.

Now, I know Nerang Library is a hotbed of Whovianism, because there are a group of customers who have a bit of a word about the Doc to me as they are borrowing their books.  Over the last few days, we were all reminding each other that the new series starts on April 30, until about lunchtime, when “Have you heard?” became the conversational  opener.

If you too are a Whovian, you might like to go back through Lis Sladen’s body of work. I’m planning to do it in a few weeks, following an old library maxim about not grabbing stuff that’s in demand.  I’ll probably watch some Sarah Jane Smith instead of watching the Royal Wedding.

Our library service has a vast amount of Who, so if you’d like to look back at Elisabeth Sladen’s work, we can help you do that.

Sarah Jane first appears in The time warrior and leaves the classic series in The hand of fear. Which stories are the best from this period varies by fan, of course, but I’m planning to watch Genesis of the Daleks, Pyramids of Mars, or Seeds of doom. She reappears for a special, The five Doctors, and then disappears into audiobooks and novelisations, which are so numberous as to be unlistable. Sarah Jane returns to the news series in School reunion (which in our catalog is in Doctor Who: series 2, disc 2), and then Elisabeth Sladen led a new series: Sarah Jane Adventures.