Preparing for Game Chef: The Importance of Hamlet and Giant Killer Robots

Time to say thanks to the crazy people at Library Collection Services.

Right now its the middle of the night and I’m preparing myself psychologically for a writing competition called Game Chef.  Game Chef writers create a brief roleplaying game, in a short time frame, using ingredients suggested by the moderator of the competition.  It’s not for money, its for fun!

OK, so I’ve not cheffed before, and I may not yet chef this year, because the theme is William Shakespeare and the ingredients are the words “daughter”, “exile”, “forsworn” and “nature”.

It’s harder than it looks with those ingredients. The first step is to get into the right frame of mind. For this, I need a rare and odd CD. It’s nerdcore rap about the plot of Hamlet. It’s “Hey There Ophelia” by MC Lars, from his This Gigantic Robot Kills album.

Which my local branch happens to have two copies of.

So, thank you, Library Service, for a Saturday night filled with preparatory sleep deprivation and very, very loud loops of Avonian nerdcore existentialism.