Psych: a great TV series, available at the Library

Psych is a great TV series, but for some reason it was shown for about four episodes in Australia and then taken off air.  I’m mentioning it because I think it will be of particular interest to Monk fans, and I know a lot of our blog’s regulars love that show.  Psych and Monk used to run back-to-back in the US.

The main character, Shaun, has a fantastic memory, keen observational skills, and a slacker attitude. In the first episode he sees something on television which lets him solve a crime, phones it in, and is immediately suspected, since he knows things only the perpetrator could know. For various reasons he claims to be a psychic, things snowball out of his control, and by the end he is running a psychic detective agency.

Shaun’s best friend is his cousin, the sensible Gus. Gus has a normal job, wants a peaceful life, and has a real reluctance to get pulled into Shaun’s latest scheme.  The interplay between the two is great, because the authors deliberately subvert genre conventions. This means Gus isn’t just a Watson, he plays an integral role to solving many of the mysteries. It also means that people interrupt the reveal scene, fail to get Shaun’s hints before commercial breaks, and do other things which are funny because they play with the genre.

I’ve been watching them back to back most evenings for the last week or so, and I’m really enjoying the episodes.  I’m a huge Monk fan, and the shows aren’t as similar as I expected reading some reviews, but I can see the same sort of quirkiness and charm in Psych.   The Library Service also has Psych novels. I’d encourage you to give them a try.