The fantastic Pageant of England series: true history soap opera

Time to spruik some of our audiobooks…

One of the excellent things about new formats is that some great works, which are older and so a little cheaper to rerelease, come to the surface again, so that we can present them to new readers.

I’d like to present the Paegeant of England series, which I’m sure will be popular with the many people who loved The Tudors television series. These books are a history of the Plantagenants, the family which rose in Normandy, took control of England, and then thrashed itself to pieces in the War of the Roses.

For years I’ve had a personal copy of The Magnificent Century, the second book in the series. It’s not a great history, but its a great read, because the author refuses to do try and true history. He goes all gossipy, and, if there’s a good story he knows isn’t true, he’ll say “People at the time used to tell this story, although it wasn’t true” and then give you whatever scuttlebutt he’s turned up in his research.

So, you can imagine how pleased I was to discover that we have all four books from thiss series in our audio collection.

If you love audiobooks, and you liked The Tudors, please try these.  Personally I think the second is the strongest book. It covers the time of Henry of Winchester. The third, which covers the three Edwards that follow Henry III, is also excellent.

Still, you might want to follow them in order, so, begin with The conquering family. It’s Henry II and his sons, doing The lion in winter.