James Patterson Fans Discover a Great Crime Writer

Have You Read Marhsall Karp Yet?

Readers may stumble upon a great author they’ve never heard of before if they are fans of James Patterson with this month’s Patterson release Kill Me if You Can, being co-authored by long time friend comedy thriller author Marshall Karp.   A lot of recent Patterson co-authored books have been pretty average, let’s be honest, but having just finished this one, I am happy to say, definitely read it!  Karp makes this thriller, about an art student who decides to keep a bag of diamonds he finds beside a fresh corpse in a train station, a lot of fun! Check out the Hot Reads stand or place a collection copy on hold.

Then after you’ve finished it, check out the brilliant Lomax and Biggs series by Karp starting with book one, The Rabbit Factory.  These two LA homicide detectives tell it like it is, and aren’t afraid to Seinfeld style make witty comments on people they come across or observations of aspects of society and other everyday things they encounter.

The basic plot of The Rabbit Factory starts off with the murder of a Warner Brothers/Disney type corporation’s best known character Rambunctious Rabbit, at their Californian theme park Familyland. Immediately their PR machine want to put solving the crime second and letting anyone, including staff know that there has even been a murder a secret. This is not the usual procedure for a homicide as colleagues and the public may know vital information but the parent company of the theme park, Lamaar’s CEO has friends in high places so detectives Lomax and Biggs are told to keep it quiet and if they had any doubt to the importance of Lamaar, to solve the murder yesterday! Unfortunately for Lamaar the actor in the rabbit suit is only the first in a series of victims associated with the company and Lomax and Biggs are going to be under more pressure then they’ve ever been before to solve and stop this campaign of terror. Fortunately for the readers though, this pressure does nothing to stop the wisecracks and hilarious one liners from these two great characters in the detective thriller genre.

The Lomax and Biggs adventures have so far expanded to three sequels.

Blood Thirsty has the boys arrive the scene of a producer’s body shoved into a rubbish bin. They learn at the autopsy of the ingenious method of murder and soon have pressure from above to catch the culprit when a second Hollywood movie heavyweight goes missing.

In Flipping Out, one morning they discover a poker buddy’s wife was shot in the head the night before. She was more than just a colleague’s wife though, she was part of a woman’s investment club Lomax’s wife is a part of, made up of an author and the rest cops’ wives. These women buy houses, do them up, the author Nora writes a fictional murder, with the house as the murder scene and the profits flow in. So with no obvious motive for the murder it looks likely she was either killed due to being a cop’s wife or by someone who had something to gain by adding a real murder to the murder house investment. Of course this makes Bigg’s wife both a suspect and a possible future victim.

The fourth adventure Cut, Paste, Kill, involves a vigilante serial killer who is cleaning up where the courts have failed. These so called victims’ crimes and the misery they have caused to society, has been caretakingly documented in expertly put together high quality scrapbooks. Letting her cats decide on which scrapbook victim is next by chasing numbered ping pong balls, a killer who uses the alias Ann A. Vengner looks unstoppable. Lomax and Biggs to team up with the FBI to stop this killer, who by all reports could well be the twin of the white haired elderly actress, Betty White.