Fun Horror Novel About Zombies!

Married With Zombies, Jesse Petersen

In the tradition of what the 90s movie Scream did, in using previous iconic horror films that it’s characters had watched for those characters to understand, form opinions and react to a for them real slasher situation, Jesse Petersen’s married couple also recognise and try and survive against the sudden appearance of zombies into their lives by referring to their horror movie memories, as their training for keeping themselves alive.  Petersen also adds a nice novelty to her central characters in that they are a couple whose marriage is on the rocks, both have secretly looked up divorce lawyers on the Internet and neither feels their expensive marriage counselling is worth the effort.  In fact nicely written that’s where our central characters first learn that the world has changed, having not noticed the signs that something is amiss apart from the security guard not being at the car park entrance or the receptionist not being at her desk, their first experience with the undead is when they barge into their counsellor’s office in midst of a heated argument and witness her, face covered in blood, munching upon the couple who had the appointment before them.

Married With Zombies initially works because of the huge tension and dislike for each other of David and Sarah, well more so Sarah towards David as the book is written as a through her eyes narration and the annoying habits of the partner actually being necessary for each’s survival. As the novel goes on the story works because you’re hooked. For example one moment after having fallen in the toilet, yelling an enraged stream of abuse at her husband for leaving the seat up, the only weapon Sarah has to kill a neighbour zombie who was hiding behind the shower curtain is to slam that conveniently left up seat down on his head over and over again.  Sarah and David do rely on a lot of luck, convenient objects being around and even the odd stranger appearing at an opportune moment, but this just adds to the lightness of this novel. That lightness gives this novel as wider appeal and is something those who don’t like gory or scary reads will enjoy as well. In fact this easily could be the book you give to kids who are fans of horror junior/young adult fiction making the transition to adult novels for the first time.

Married With Zombies is the first book in a series which is up to two sequels so far , being Flip the Zombie and Eat Slay Love.  So it doesn’t wrap everything up in a nice package by the final page.  This is certainly the most fun horror novel I’ve read in a while since Christoper Moore’s Bloodsucking Fiends did a similar thing to the vampire phenomenum.  In my opinion the sign of a great read is if you can’t put a book down once you’ve started it, and immediately borrow the sequel when you’ve finished.