More Actors Who Thought They Could Write Fiction

Actors Who Thought They Could Write Fiction II (By Popular Demand the Encore)

I was going to just post this as a comment under my post last week, Actors Who Thought They Could Write, but I’ve discovered enough additional actor writers for a second blog. Interestingly a lot of these actors just happen to also be musicians who think they can act. View the other actors who thought they could write on my original blog by clicking here.


Michael Boatman (actor with shaved head goatee in Spin City) seems to be the most successful of these actors with a fair few short stories as well as novels. All of which have been rated quite high by readers on review sites such as Amazon.  God Laughs When You Die is a good one to start with.

Leonard Cohen (better known for writing songs for soundtracks in films, but he has acted a few time such as, when he was Francois Zolan in an episode of Miami Vice), Cohen has written two novels The Favourite Game and Beautiful Losers.

Bruce Dickinson (Incubus) and was also the singer in the band Iron Maiden. He wrote a novel called Chemical Wedding which when turned into a movie was one of the few times he got another acting gig.

Kix Brooks (an actor you say I haven’t seen him in anything, that’s because all three movies he’s in Thriftstore Cowboy, To Kill a Memory and To Appomattox haven’t been released yet).  Anyway he wrote a book with his Brooks & Dunn American country music partner Ronnie Dunn, along with already successful author Bill Fitzhugh. It is called – The Adventures of Slim and Howdy. I read this a few years ago, it’s really good and is in our collection.

Short Stories

Woody Allen’s written amongst other things, a few plays and had short stories involving vampires and the like such as – The Condemned, published amongst big name various author horror anthologies.

John Lennon (Fire in the Water, a few other films and oh I think he was in a band with some insect themed name in the 60s) wrote a series of short stories with illustrations, mostly where the main character was either violently murdered or murdered others, together they were published as – In His Own Write.

Bono (usually plays himself or parodies of rock stars in shows like Entourage and Letterman but played Dr Robert in Across the Universe). U2’s Bono wrote a short story called Million Dollar Hotel, like Dickinson he also got an acting gig when the story hit the big screen.

Steve Earle’s (best known other than for his song Copperhead Road, for playing Walon in the Wire and Harley Watt in Treme) most successful writing was a number of short stories published together under the title – Doghouse Roses, but he also has a novel –I’ll Never Get Out of This World Alive.

Graphic Novels

Avril Lavigne (Over the Hedge), is involved in a few graphic novels with her name in the title – Avril Lavigne’s Make 5 Wishes. Not sure if she wrote any of the content but in an intro on the first page she tells us she is one of the creators. Being that she is one of the few female music stars of the last decade who actually writes her own lyrics and music, I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt. We have volume 1 and 2 in our collection.

Speaking of graphic novels, Kevin Smith (you might know him best as Silent Bob from Clerks, Dogma etc) has written a heap of them involving Batman, the Green Hornet, Green Arrow, we’ve even got a Spiderman and Batman one in our collection for you to check out right now!

And of course as I commented under the first blog, Mark Hammil back in 1997 wrote a graphic novel The Black Pearl.

Junior Fiction

Terry Deary has a heap of junior fiction books based on his Horrible Histories junior non fiction books research, such as – The Pirate Prisoner.  The only reason I didn’t put him in the initial list was that I didn’t know he was an actor. But he’s starred in quite a few of the screen adaptations of his books.

Picture Books and Beginner Reader Books (Froggies) (some actors have more than one book but I’ve listed one for each to get you started)

Kylie Minogue – The Showgirl Princess

Brooke Shields – Welcome to Your World Baby

Billy Crystal – I Already Know I Love You

Kim Wayans (best known for being on In Living Color) – All Mixed Up

Julianne Moore has a series where a girl copes with having freckles starting with – Freckleface Strawberry

Bill Cosby – The Day I Was Rich

Jay Leno – If Roast Beef Could Fly

Dolly Parton – Coat of Many Colors

Ray Ramono, like with his show he’s got to put a version of his name in the title and be the main character – Raymie, Dickie and the Bean

Rhea Perlman (Cheers) has a beginner reader series called Otto Undercover, the first book is – Otto Undercover Born to Drive

Queen Latifah – Queen of the Scene

Katherine Ross (The Graduate) Her character Mrs Robinson may have been seducing children in the Graduate, but Ross herself has written numerous picture books for them such as – Grover Grover Come on Over

Bob Dylan has a number of picture books out that he actually wrote in his other career as singer, and later the lyrics were combined with illustrations to become picture books. Forever Young and Man Gave Names to All the Animals are two examples.

Leanne Rimes (granted pretty much plays herself in movies but has been a different character or two as well) has a series of picture books with a young jaguar as the main character, the first is simply called – Jag

Mario Lopez (A.C. Slater in Saved By the Bell), don’t lie you used to watch it – Mario and Baby Gia

Kristi Yamaguchi (Mighty Ducks and mostly other skating movies) continues the ice skating theme with – Dream Big Little Pig 

Like with the original Actors Who Thought They Could Write, if you can think of any more to add to this list, feel free to comment!