Stunning – Nomad: bringing your travels home

Sibella Court is a stylist, a designer, a shop owner & a talented author. Her new book, Nomad: bringing your travels home is a colourful account of her travels, a unique take on the travel diary. The book jacket caught my eye, a magic carpet look – I was immediately intrigued by this concept.

Nomad starts in Japan with pictures of the streets of Tokyo, Fukuoka & Mt Koya. The images are absolutely striking and the snippets of information added to my pleasure. Following Japan, is the Italian towns of Naples & Sorrento where the seaside locations are a standout. Next is India – Delhi, Jaipur & the Thar Desert are appreciated with elegant floral arrangements and lanterns. The book then moves to Syria where the Demascus Rose takes pride of place on the page as Court talks about its origins & its intoxicating scent. The final destination on her journey is Mexico City & the array of colour is truly amazing, full of pretty pinks and gorgeous greens. I found the Day of the Dead an interesting tradition & the hand-tooled willow chair certainly unique.

The final pages of this discovery journal lists Court’s favourite books, music, movies & magazines she credits as her inspiration to travel. This book is lovely. The only downfall I must comment on is that the page’s are a little dark so I found it hard to read the print at times. Apart from this minor criticism its really wonderfully put together & an essential read for people who enjoy travel, especially the hidden cultural details of places often missed on travellers itinerary.