Remixing Doctor Seuss

I was cleaning out my study the other day and found some books my wife is giving as presents to the children of one of her friends. They are by Dr Seuss. As it happens, when I found them I was listening to the nerdcore MC Frontalot album Final Boss, which has some rap lyrics based on Seuss, in the track Socks On.

I was going to just post a link to a Youtube video of Socks On, which you can download (free and legal) from Frontalot’s site, but since we no longer have Final Boss in our collection, another clip has sprung to my attention.

May I present for your delectation and illumination Epic Rap Battles of History 12 : Dr Seuss vs William Shakespeare.

(It’s a rap battle, so there is swearing. Also, it contains Shakespeare, so there’s bound to be all sorts of rudeness and violence. Be warned.)

Fans of literature and rap battles might also enjoy their Gandalf vs Dumbledore battle. Other authors depicted in parodic form are Einstein, Hawking, Lincoln, Franklin,  Bonaparte, Palin and Lennon.