Flood, horror and tragedy by Agnew P & F Association

Flood horror and tragedy by Agnew P & F Association. Post by Anita from Southport Branch Library.

Flood horror and tragedy as the title states is about the floods and the horror and tragedy that it brought to Queensland and its communities.  The flood which inundated much of Queensland in 2010-2011 has been captured in photos and placed into this book along with stories of the horror and tragedy that also came.  I first expected this book on be full of terrible pictures cover to cover of the flood.  But what I actually found was some up lifting photos and stories – ones that make you feel proud to be an Australian and a Queenslander.  This book captures nature at its worst but the people of Queensland and Australia at their best, helping each other during hard times.  The photos and stories in this book are well worth a look and read.