The Book of Lost Fragrances by M J Rose

The Book of Lost Fragrances by M. J. Rose

I found this suspenseful book fascinating to read. Of exotic perfumes, an adventure story and ancient history all combined to make a wonderful compelling tale.

The heroine of the story, Jac or (Jacinthe as she was known by her father), followed myths and legends around the world and determined the truth of many of these ancient legends.

I loved the settings of Paris and New York and the exquisite nature of the tale with ancient perfumes deriving from ancient Egypt. Descriptions of the furniture of the home of the old work shop in Paris, where there were so many memories of earlier times, were quite wonderful and seemed so authentic. The atmosphere of an old fashioned home was recreated from earlier eras with art works and decorative design of beauty and majesty.

I enjoyed the re-telling of so many of the stories from the past. Romances, the flower gardens and perfumes of Queen Cleopatra which provided exotic and fascinating settings. It was almost as though past and future would mingle. There were other exotic elements in the story which weaved together, as for example, the Tibetan lore and the story of a Tibetan boy who had been kidnapped and taken to China and became a renowned artist in the field of the beautiful art of calligraphy and whose works were finally presented in Paris.

A lost fragrance which could also recall past lives? This story has all the elements of excitement and expectation of a grand finale. This story is writing at its best and well recommended for people with scope and imagination. Anything is possible and I found the tale to be quite magical.