Finding Sarah

Finding Sarah by Sarah Duchess of York.

When the young Sarah Ferguson married the Queens second son little did she know what she had signed up for. It was not easy for her living her life in the spotlight where her every move was watched from both within and without the palace. We all know what happened next. Now Sarah has written a book about, well, her feelings and it makes a very interesting story.

From her mother  leaving to marry a polo player, when Sarah was just a young girl, to her final fiasco when she was filmed trying to sell access to her ex husband Prince Andrew, it’s all here. Sarah attempts to explain her life choices and develop some healthier ways to deal with her life.

I really enjoyed this book and I did feel sorry for Sarah, more so if she had a few less testimonials from family and friends – yes Sarah, I do believe you are a good mother to your daughters.

Clearly Sarah was way over her head when she became a member of the royal family and her life reads like a runaway train but in the end I felt that perhaps she was more sinned against than sinner. This book reads much truer than that penned by the late lamented Diana who was another royal runaway. Being a member of that family does appear to be a tough gig so good luck Sarah Duchess of York.