Thinking of Taking a Trip to a Small Coastal Town

Clickers, J F Gonzalez, Mark Williams and from Clickers II onwards Brian Keene

Since no one seems to have embraced Katrina’s May topic of travel tales yet, I thought I’d get the ball rolling with this fun one where a horror author takes a working holiday to a small isolated coastal town where he quickly finds out his kind isn’t welcome by most of the locals especially the sheriff, and oh yeah there’s some giant crab scorpion things that actually do like him and even the townsfolk, they don’t discriminate.  They’ll eat anyone!

If you like the good old man vs nature genre movies, then you’ll love the novel Clickers which could easily be turned into a film entry into the genre. With giant crustaceans attacking a fishing town in Maine while a hurricane torments the rest of the state, ensuring help isn’t arriving anytime soon. Clickers has all the elements you need to make this one work, the out of towner who thought this was going to be a peaceful little town to spend some time, the bigot sheriff filled with hate towards those like the out of towner. The small child who can’t do anything for himself and needs to be comforted by everyone throughout the ordeal. A couple of attractive women who both have an interest in the new out of towner. A couple of townsfolk who are different to the others and easily make friends with and trust the outsider to take the lead. Lots of rednecks who assume they can shoot their way to safety. Most importantly creatures no one has ever encountered before which of course the townsfolk always underestimate.
When fun cheaply made b grade horror movies get a sequel, the budget goes up and creatures are always bigger, more intelligent and the body count a lot higher. The same thing has happened when the J. F. Gonzalez decided there should be a sequel and this time round teamed up (Williams had passed away at this stage) with the much bigger name success wise in the horror genre Brian Keene. In the case of a novel we obviously don’t have bigger special effects and so on like a movie, instead Keene adds the value of a bigger and better storyline. This time the Clickers aren’t just attacking an isolated small coastal town, no this time round they’re attacking the whole eastern seaboard of the USA and with the help of rivers and other bodies of water, not stopping at beachside towns and cities. You don’t need to have read the original Clickers novel to understand or enjoy this sequel it can easily be read as a standalone story. However it does give away pretty much everything that happened in the original including who survived so you’re best to read that one first to enjoy that book’s impact to its fullest. GCCC Libraries have the first two Clickers books on the shelves right now.  Hopefully Clickers III already published will be added to the collection as well. Like happens to any good horror franchise you’ve got to go up against another group of creatures at some stage, soon to be published is Clickers vs Zombies. Brian Keene’s had a few different types of types of zombies in his horror novels over the year. It will be interesting to see which type are in the fourth Clickers installment.