What happened to Ingrid !!

The Legacy by Kirsten Tranter

Julia, Ralph and Ingrid are university friends, living in Sydneyand vying for love in this complicated friendship triangle. Julia survives working in a video store, Ralph is wealthy North Shore and his cousin Ingrid is an orphaned Perth girl – brilliant, beautiful and affluent. There relationship is complex but devoted. When Ingrid, who has relocated to New York and married an older, suave art critic; is reported missing in the September 11 World Trade Centre tragedies, Ralph is inconsolable and Julia numbed by shock. Although the three had become estranged in recent years, her loss is shattering to her Sydney friends. At Ralph’s request, Julia travels to New York 12 months after Ingrid’s death to reconnect with their friend’s life and attempt to get some closure. However, rather than find answers, Julia is confused by the conflicting information she receives about Ingrid’s life. Ingrid had become a victim of domestic violence, and rather than a happy life, had led a sad and disconnected existence. And now Julia begins to question her death in the Two Towers. So…..what happened to Ingrid?

This is an intriguing novel. The characters are complex and vulnerable and Tranter manages to guide the reader through a maze of detail within the novels settings, to deliver a truly satisfying read.

The Legacy is Kirsten Tranter’s first novel.