The Taliban Cricket Club by Timeri Murari: book club discussion questions

A quick reminder: our book club discussion questions contain spoilers! If you’d like to read the book first, check the catalogue.

Taliban cricket club cover

Does Ruhksana’s many initial problems ring true, or does she have more on her plate than seems likely?

Her disguise is based on Shylock. Does the Jewishness of this character matter?

There’s a lot of cricket in the story, but is the cricket, itself, important? If, for example, football were substituted, would it matter?

Does the twist ending work? Is it believable?

Do you feel you learned much about Afghanistan under the Taliban through reading the book? Was this material intrusive?

Is the land mine fairly foreshadowed, or is it s seemingly random element?

What role does marriage play in the narrative?

Rukhsana’s extended family is vital to her escape in the story. Do you feel they are a realistic group? For example, are there too few women in her family?