The “Dalai Mama” reveals her year of frantic tedium, neurotic angst & the wild magic of growing a family!

Waiting for Birdy : a year of frantic tedium, neurotic angst, and the wild magic of growing a family by Catherine Newman.

Newman is a well know author, she has an on-tap American reading fan base as she has been a regular contributor to O (Oprah) magazine. Newman, mother to little man Ben, falls pregnant with her second child and as she finds herself Waiting for Birdy (the affectionate in-utero name of her second child). She ponders the mental dilemma of how she will fit another child into her life. This mummy memoir grew into a book but its initial conception took the form of a blog in weekly journal format called Bringing up Ben & Birdy. (Newman’s subsequent blog can be found at Ben and Birdy. She also writes under the blog nom de plume Dalai Mama.  Newman has a LOT of vigilant followers. 

Newman’s insights into parenting a three year old and being pregnant with Birdy are sprinkled with humour and horror. Newman writes across the emotional spectrum, from one end to the other. She gushes, she is consumed with love, she overflows with extreme joy that has an unnerving undertone of anxiety and fear verging on neurotic paranoia.  I found this a little irritating but the sprinkling of razor-sharp wit, albeit very American and sometimes bordering on cynical balanced the experience out for me.  I had a few giggles whilst reading such as this gem, “And don’t you love it when your OB asks if you’re getting enough exercise? Actually, I always answer “Yes,” on the assumption that getting up to pee every five minutes constitutes “enough exercise”.  

Waiting for Birdy” is an amusing dose of escapism reading that takes you through a year-long roller coaster ride in Newman’s life as she makes the transition to parenthood for the second time. Strap yourself in for the ride!