Insurgent – Veronica Roth’s second book

This is the second book of Veronica Roth’s Divergent series, following on from the first books epic ending. Insurgent is every bit as awesome as the first! It is jam-packed with emotion, action, mystery and romance. Roth writes the most amazing plot twists and gets the reader really thinking. The theme of society and war takes central focus and how different people respond and react to what is happening to them, their families, their friends, their enemies – to their world!

So Insurgent  picks up from the ending of the first book after the disintegration of the Abnegation faction with Tris and three other fighters seeking refuge with the Amity faction. They believe they are now safe and have come to terms with the destruction of Abnegation. However, it’s not too long before their peaceful state is rocked to the core. It is discovered that the Abnegation faction played a vital role in society and was protecting something of immense power. Tris and Tobias, who are now a loved-up couple, set out to uncover the whole truth of the situation before total chaos erupts. The group known as the ‘factionless’ play a bigger role in the second book. This group has been fooling everyone for years and have been secretly planning action that plays towards the end.

While the action scenes are heart stopping to read I found there was a much deeper, dark element to this second book. It was quite interesting to learn about the different dynamics of each faction and how their ideals affect decisions depending on which faction the characters belong to.

I really enjoyed this book. Roth has a talent for character development and relationships. She will surprise the reader with unusual relationships between the most unlikeliest of characters. The ending is not your average predictable cliff-hanger but it’s a brilliant tease for the third book.