When God was a Rabbit

Book review written by Harrie, Broadbeach Branch Library staff member

When God was a Rabbit, a fascinating title, a fascinating book! Sarah Winman’s book has everything in this novel except a murder, which we don’t need to make it an outstanding novel. I was captivated from the first page. Approach the novel with an open mind to be able to view the story from any angle.  I found the characters delightful and more than adequately described. The story jumps around, but you can easily link all the plot lines together. Some readers may not like the jigsaw puzzle approach, but please read it to the end.  Each chapter is a story in itself.  I was particularly intrigued with the exploration of the Elly (sister) and Joe (brother) bond that develops.  They display a view of their world unlike others in their age group.  I found myself questioning what would have happened to me if I had experienced something similar as a kid.  The book intrigues, inspires and ultimately satisfies. Read on!