The next Hollywood Chic-Flick hit?

Between Friends by Kristy Kiernan smells exactly like a Hollywood hit to me. Definitely chick-lit that could easily transform into a box-office Chic-Flick! It is in the same realm as fiction works by Nicholas Sparks. It is a bit of a tear-jerker…make sure you have some Kleenex at the ready when you read it. Readers of Jodi Picoult and Anita Shreve will probably happily find parallels in the authors’ writing styles.

Between Friends is jam-packed with issues and drama. In fact the characters are confronted simultaneously by more drama and issues than most people would ever experience throughout the course of their lives!

At the centre of the plot is the strong bond and friendship that childhood friends Ali & Cora share. Ali always dreamed the dream of motherhood but was challenged. Thanks to her best friend Cora’s embryos and IVF “they” are now mothers, along with Ali’s husband Benny to fourteen-year-old “miracle” daughter named Letty. Ali is now yearning for a second child but is challenged yet again on more fronts than one. She and husband Benny again discuss the prospect of using Cora’s eggs to conceive. However throw into the mix some teenage rebellion, some marital conflict, a major health ordeal, some work complications and the end result is a heart-breaking outcome that tears the future and everyone’s dreams apart. This novel is packed with more melodrama than I am used to! However I certainly wouldn’t be at all surprised if it became the next box office hit “coming soon to a cinema near you!”