When God Was a Rabbit by Sarah Winman – discusson questions

Some discussion questions from Sam. As a reminder, our book club discussion questions contain spoilers. If you’d like to read the book, check the catalogue.

When God was a rabbit cover

1. Discuss Elly’s friendship with Abraham Golan, her next-door neighbour. Why does Elly prefer his company to friends her own age?

2. The book focuses on relationships and the importance of families. Discuss the relationships between the siblings? Are they believable?

3. What childhood memory stood out the most in this story?

4. The story is divided into two parts; childhood and adulthood The second half of the novel picks up fifteen years later, in 1995. How has Elly changed with the transition from child to adult?

5. The 9/11 theme, particularly the run up to it was very obvious on what was going to happen. Was it necessary to include this theme? Did it have a particular impact to the story?

6. The title comes from a pet rabbit Elly christens God. Why did she name the rabbit, god? What is the significance of the rabbit and its relation to an almighty God?