The Story of beautiful girl

The Story of beautiful girl is set in the year is 1968.

Lynnie is a beautiful young lady with an amazing aptitude for self-expression through art and a learning disability.

“Number 42” is a deaf man. His real name is not known as he was unable to speak it when he arrived at “The School for the Incurable and Feebleminded”.

Martha is an elderly, widowed, retired school teacher.

Late one evening in the midst of a storm, Lynnie and Number 42 arrive, dripping wet on Martha’s doorstep. Martha invites them in and shows them the kindness that she believes should be bestowed on all human beings. Not long after the Police also knock on Martha’s door. In pure desperation Lynnie unveils a newborn baby to Martha and in attempted speech utters “Hide her”. The baby’s mother is Lynnie but Number 42 is not her father. Moments later Number 42 is “on the run” and Lynnie is apprehended and taken back to her institution.

This is the story of how their lives are tied together through the baby. It is an epic-love story spanning 40 years. That said it is not your standard romance novel. It does not tell a tale of love or lust. It simply relays human stories that are bound together by love, an elderly woman and a child, a mother and a child, a man and a woman, and two sisters.

This story is beautiful but tragic at the same time. It is despicable how people with special-needs were treated in the past. Institutionalising them was the worst treatment imaginable. Sentiments are beautifully expressed such as Number 42 who wonders “But what if hearing made him forget how to listen with his eyes, and skin, and nose, and mouth?” The author has a sibling with an intellectual disability and her intuitive understanding is well woven into this novel. It is definitely not your run of the mill story. The ending takes a tiny stretch-of-the-imagination but I think that it is deservedly so as the book if after all fiction.