Raven’s Gift

Raven’s Gift by Don Rearden.

Post by David from Southport Branch Library.

Don Rearden builds incredible suspense in his novel “The Raven’s Gift”. The Morgans are a young married couple who take off to Alaska to teach in a remote village school. The couple begin to become immersed in Yup’ik culture, but it’s clear that things do not go according to plan for them. A disastrous epidemic sweeps through the Alaskan population, forcing John Morgan to leave the village in search of help. The author uses parallel storytelling – flashing forward and backward in time – a device which keeps large parts of the story hidden from the reader. Slowly, revelations come to the surface, as the protagonist pushes across (or is he being chased?) the freezing wasteland with a blind girl in tow. This is mesmerizing and wholly believable storytelling set against an interesting culture and geographic location.