1000 Best Ever Recipes From AWW

1000 Best Ever Recipes From AWW

This is a great cookbook to flick through for inspiration on almost any cooking event. The pictures are great and are all labelled, so you get to see what the finished product should look like. It covers almost everything – in fact, if I had a complaint it would be the size and weight of this book!

I love the chapter headings. They are a little bit different from your usual choices. You can browse great recipes to start your day, drinks and nibbles, superfast, mega-healthy, tried & true, spiced up, penny pinching, cafe favourites, classic combos, offshore, asian neighbours, and sweet treats. In addition to an index to help you find your favourite recipe, there is a glossary and conversion charts to round out your knowledge.

I found this book to be simple and easy to follow. It is well laid out with quantities listed in both cups (or tsp) and ml or grams. Finally, the taste test…my sometimes hard to please family found the muesli bar recipe to be superior to the shop purchased variety. That says something as they really were very healthy!