Love Song

Love Song by Nikki Gemmell

Reviewed by Jennifer, Southport Branch Library

This narrative was an unexpected find for me, and I would say it is the most powerful story I have discovered in a while. It is the story of Lillie Bird, who from a locked religious community finds herself at last experiencing the freedom of a strange new land in England at the age of 22.

I borrowed this story as an audiobook (MP3), listened in absolute fascination as the plot unfolded day by day as I drove to work, and have since bought the novel for a repeat literary experience.

Nikki Gemmell has produced here a fine literary work. She writes brilliantly; with intensity, haunting description and a mesmerising plot with many twists and unexpected revelations. It is captivating and heart-breaking.

So, for an unusual choice, follow this story of Lillie Bird as she escapes her religious exile for all the right reasons. In her pursuit of love and a new life, we watch her courageous human spirit emerge. Gemmell’s use of language is simply ‘to die for’!

“Love Song” as contemporary fiction is a highly recommended read.