The Wrong Man – David Ellis

Gripping, fast moving, great dialogue, engaging characters, suspense to the final page.  Gritty, likeable, criminal defence attorney Jason Kolarich accepts the case of an Iraq War veteran accused of murdering a young woman.  The young veteran has possession of the gun, confesses to the killing but Jason has his doubts; this vet suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and can’t remember committing the crime. 

Ellis is an attorney by profession “who served as the House Prosecutor who tried and impeached Governor Rod Blagojevich before the Illinois Senate” so he knows his way around the legal system and has presented great drama, dialogue and humour without bogging down in dreary legal babble in the court scenes.  Ellis has kept his sentence structure and chapters short; moving along with the pace of the plot.  The story doesn’t stagnate; Ellis has Kolarich and his legal team uncovering involvement in the shooting by the Mob and who is the mysterious assassin known as “Gin Rummy”?  David Ellis writes to a no-fail recipe and this is another success.  The Wrong Man is pure escapism for many delightful hours.